emmaxgrace (emmaxgrace) wrote,

Writer's Block: Legends of Rock

My favorite concert ever is Jimmy Buffett. Usually when you go to a concert, you do tailgate or pregame? But no concert pregames/tailgates like a Jimmy Buffett concert. People bring in their motorhomes and sand and palm trees and volleyball nets and sometimes these parties start a day or two before the actual concert! Most people wear extremely bright colored clothes or grass skirts and coconut bras. They always wear leis and beads, and sometimes they even have leis made of real flowers. Jimmy Buffett fans are notorious for wearing fins, parrots and large cheeseburgers as costumes. In the parking lot, drinks are served out of coconuts and pineapples, no matter what you have and there's always a large variety of margaritas being passed around. So if you have enough will power to stay sober for the show, it only gets better inside. There's so much audience participation and Jimmy Buffett loves his fans. It's the performance of a lifetime. No wonder he's never had a solo number one single and still sells out concerts in record time. Jimmy Buffett is a prodigy. He's where it's at.
Tags: concerts, music, writer's block
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