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21 June 1986
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*Emma Grace* *Address me as such unless I give you permission to call me anything else.* *I am completely spontaneous.* *I'm a sucker for big trucks, country boys, good conversation and vocal talent* *I am WAY too hard to handle.* *And I have EXTREMELY high expectations* *wait, let's make that impossible expectations* *I have huge dreams and goals for my life* *I am extremely ambitious* *I know EXACTLY what I want and there's NO WAY I will stop short of getting it* * "If you've got one foot in the past and one foot in the present then you're shitting on today." - unknown* *I'm going to school in the fall to major in nursing* *I can be a complete bitch.* *I can't stand 99.9% of people.* *I made up the world I live in.* *I'm totally country and I am most definitely Daddy's little girl* *I love to laugh.* *I am definitely not a yankees fan. Team or people.* *I LOVE the Detroit Tigers.* *even though Magglio Ordonez stole my number.* *LET'S NOT BE RETARDED. (This had to go here... love you Lindz!)* *Terri Clark wrote the soundtrack to my life.* *I love it when my Polish is showing.* *"Anyone who sees life as anything more than pure entertainment is simply missing the point." - George Carlin * *My mom calls me Emshemem. I like it.* *But she is the ONLY person allowed to call me that.* *I am afraid for things to be anything less than amazingly perfect.* *I eat McDonalds ALL the time.* *I miss the time when there was corn in my happy meal.* *Crown Royal is my family's drink of choice.* *But I only drink it when there is a hookers club meeting or something HUGE to clebrate.* *Otherwise...* *I LOVE Captain and Coke* *I sometimes need a designated walker.* *"As long as you've decided to drink all day, there's nothing wrong with starting early in the morning." - Frank Sinatra* *I love shopping.* *More than that, I love to dance.* *Drunken dancing is completely my thing...* *Until I fall on my ass and break my hand.* *My idea of love is completely different than anyone elses.* *The downtown hoedown is always my fave concert of the year* *I love all of my friends.* *.* *I love Adam Sandler movies.* *Music is my life.* *That pretty much sums me up.* *AIM = emmaxgrace.*

My life is exciting and crazy. I'm sure you'll be shocked at quite a few things that you'll read about, which is good. It'll keep life interesting. I have a boyfriend and I spend a lot of time with him, so I'm sure you'll hear about him plenty. Sometimes, I'll make posts about things that don't matter such as urban dictionary definitions or song lyrics. Anything that I can think of to get some comments and make some people laugh. I generally keep my livejournal friends only, so add me and comment on the friends only box (with Christina Aguilera) if you want to read more.